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Date: March, 2013

The profound knowledge about social reality, quickly transforming, is progressively more imperative for those who work upon those areas. Professionals are frequently asked to develop studies (regardless their extent) which demand the application of diverse concrete research techniques. This Atelier’s objective is to suppress those methodological needs.

It is directed to any professional that needs to develop studies about the social reality (social workers, sociologists, cultural animators, kindergarten teachers, psychologists, etc.), but also to students (master’s degree or PhD) that look forward to better their methodological competences in order to develop their projects and thesis.

The Atelier is organized in a set of independent modules that can be attended separately (tailored to the individual needs), or combined, as they can also be seen as a whole set about methodological techniques. In each session we part from a point zero of knowledge about the theme, aiming to reach, by the end of that session, the acquisition of basic competences for adequate usage of the approached techniques.

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